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Professor Marcio Moreira was born and raised in Rio De Janeiro Brazil, where he started training in Jiu Jitsu at 8 years old. As a child, he trained under Professor Ricardo Delariva, later on he trained under Professor Alexandre "Soca" Freitas, from whom he received his blue belt. After that, he started training under Professor Paulo "Rabico" and Professor Roberto "Gordo" Correa where he earned his purple and brown belts, he then received his black belt at the age of 29 in 2012 from Professor David Vieira who was a black belt under Professor Carlinos Gracie and was teaching under Professor "Gordo" at that time. Professor Marcio has been a part of the Ralph Gracie team since 2017, and has owned and operated Ralph Gracie Pleasanton since 2019. Professor Marcio has had 3 professional fights and 4 amateur fights with a record of 7 wins and O losses. During his many years of training he has won multiple titles some notable ones being

-National Team Champion 2006

-State Champion 2007

-State Champion 2008

-2nd place Nationals 2008

-3rd Place International Open Rio 2008

-State Champion 2009

-State Champion 2010

-3rd Place World No Gi 2016

-First Place Houston Open 2022


Professor Jake Bohland has an extensive background in competitive wrestling. He first started wrestling at 10 years old, and continued throughout middle school, high school and junior college. He later went on to coach both middle school and high school wrestling, where he also gained experience in Specially Abled Education. He trained MMA for 7 years and has been a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner for 3 years now under Professor Marcio Moreira, in which he rapidly excelled and earned his brown belt due to his previous high level wrestling and MMA background. He has been coaching at Ralph Gracie Pleasanton for a year now., where he has been teaching Jiu Jitsu, No Gi and Muay Thai for both adults and children from ages 3-16. Coach Jake's passion for Jiu Jitsu is contagious for his students and shows in everything he does. During his many years of training in both Jiu Jitsu and wrestling, he has earned many titles, some noteable ones are:

-2013 CACC State Qualifier 5th Place

-2013 CACC State Championship competitor -2015 Men's Open Greco-Roman State Championship 5th place

-2015 US Open (Greco Roman) competitor  -2019 IBJJF No Gi worlds 2-0-1 

-1-0 amatuer MMA record 


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Professor Rodrigo started training Muay Thai at 13 years old with professor Anderson musgo ( world champion, thailand champion, south american champion, pan american champion), with whom he trained until he was 19. During this time he participated and won 2 regional Muay Thai competitions. At 20 years old he started training in Luta livre and No Gi Jiu Jitsu with professor Alexander Fernandes. After a break of 2 years, he started training again with Professor Alexandre Fernandes, in preparation of joining the law enforcement in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. He served for 8 years as a military police officer, protecting and serving the community In Rio. He is a certified self defense instructor under Master Julio Cesar Pereira. Since 2017, he has been traveling around the world gaining experience in different academies under different Professors. Once he moved to the to United States, he started focusing on competing in tournaments such as IBJJF, Jiu Jitsu World League, NAGA, Huntington Beach Annual copa Pacifica BJJ tournament as well as the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF PMT ) in Reno Nevada USA and amatuer mma fights. He received his Jiu jitsu Black Belt in 2023 under Professor Marcio Moreira. 

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Coach Kristian has had almost a decade of experience in just fitness itself, and almost 5 years in coaching functional fitness. He’s had experience in competitive Olympic weightlifting, even going on to compete in youth nationals. He is also a certified L1 CrossFit Coach, and has been continuously coaching and working hard to make sure everyone who takes his class works hard and works out safely. Coach Kristian believes that if you work hard in your workouts, it’ll make your everyday life easier.

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